United Bank Grenadines is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

United Bank Grenadines is a bank that provides an expanded range of services. Starting from opening savings accounts, ending with notarial and collection assistance. Let's see how reliable this company is.

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United Bank Grenadines General

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United Bank Grenadines reviews scam
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Site analysis

It is surprising that the bank allowed itself to make a template site. It looks cheap, underdeveloped, the quality of stock photos leaves much to be desired. It is clear why a specialized service estimated the site at 8 rubles. Although in general it is rather strange, it is still a bank - an organization that, by definition, must have funds. Moreover, the official Internet resource is the “clothes” by which customers meet you.

United Bank Grenadines reviews scam
Site rating

On the main page, an offer to open a savings account with high interest immediately appears. If you go to the page by clicking the "Open an account" button, then for some reason we get to the "Contacts" section, and not for detailed information about the conditions.

The website itself consists of the following sections:

  • saving;
  • mortgage;
  • loans;
  • investment;
  • contacts;
  • checking account.

On the binarybets.ru website we talk about various scam projects, but this is one of the few that does not have any information about the company at all. That is, the scammers did not even bother to just come up with some general phrases about what kind of enterprise it is and what it does. Wait a minute, it's a bank. It turns out that the client invests money in an organization about which nothing is known. At the same time, it is curious that the years “2012-2020” are indicated in the “basement” of the site. We dare to assume that this is supposedly the date of creation, but where is the eight-year history?

The Internet resource is actually very crooked: some sections, when clicked, lead to the main one. The same goes for social media icons. The resource is entirely in English and cannot be translated into another language.

Expertise of legal information, United Bank Grenadines licenses

Now let's move on to the most interesting - the absence of any legal information in principle. You will not see any registration documents, and even more so licenses from financial regulators, here. Of course, the Central Bank of Russia is also not aware of the existence of this office. Considering that this is a bank, that is, a financial organization, the parallels in my head somehow do not converge.

United Bank Grenadines reviews scam
Registers of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation

As for contact information. Here you can find e-mail, phone, address and feedback form. The address does not say anything at all, except that it is an offshore zone: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Port Elizabeth (there is not even a street here). And the phone is also curious, because after checking it, it turned out that it was indicated incorrectly. Even if you really want to talk, then simply do not get through.

United Bank Grenadines reviews scam
Phone number verification

The most interesting is indicated in the "basement" of the site. The scammers were too shy to write about the history of the bank, but they took the liberty of pointing out that all rates and interest are subject to change without prior notice, and that fees may also be charged for some other fees.

United Bank Grenadines reviews scam

And the last thing that finally finishes off: the site was created on June 25 this year, and the domain name registrar is the Russian REG.RU. It turns out that the roots are Russian, but what about Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and a completely English text? And in general, for some reason, the texts indicate dates from 2020, which is not linked to the time the project was created.

United Bank Grenadines reviews scam
Domain Age

Features of the work of United Bank Grenadines. Tools and conditions for traders

The bank offers its customers a fairly wide range of services.

  1. Opening and maintaining accounts with a minimum investment of time and effort, as well as obtaining high-quality service.
  2. Letters of credit and collections to reduce risks and costs in foreign trade transactions.
  3. Special program of notary services for public deposit accounts of notaries.
  4. Comprehensive service with access to a wide range of high-tech products and services.
  5. Selection of professional collectors.
  6. Offers for business, including the creation of a procurement participant account.

As for investing, United Bank Grenadines only offers to invest funds at interest for a certain period:

  • 5-10 thousand dollars for 5 years at 1,86%;
  • 15-50 thousand USD for 7 years under 2,02%;
  • 50-100 thousand - for 10 years under 3,16%.

The bank also offers lending services for investing in funds and provides mortgages.

Real customer testimonials of United Bank Grenadines

Unfortunately, there are practically no real reviews of customers who have encountered United Bank Grenadines fraudulent activities.

United Bank Grenadines reviews scam

Be sure to leave a comment below this article if you encounter United Bank Grenadines misconduct. This will help other investors avoid getting scammed and save money.

United Bank Grenadines User Fraud Scheme

In recent years, many websites of fake banks began to appear on the Internet, which do not have any documents at all and any right to carry out activities. United Bank Grenadines is no exception and, presumably, has 2 goals: to obtain data and take possession of the client's funds.

He needs the data to use it for fraudulent activities. For example, if you provide scans of your documents, then with their help you can apply for a loan in any microfinance organization (unfortunately, many of them are unscrupulous and will not verify the authenticity of information).

With luring money, everything is much easier. United Bank Grenadines offers savings accounts. So, the client sends an application, he is offered to transfer money to a certain account and that's it, he will no longer see these funds.


United Bank Grenadines is a fake bank. Let's start with the fact that they have an extremely dull website, on which there is no information at all about what kind of organization it is, how many years it has been on the market, and specific conditions for working with clients. For example, if you provide a mortgage or a loan, what are the interest rates, terms, etc.

There are also many shortcomings when going to certain sections: they either lead to the main page, or they are not clickable at all.

Moreover, legal documents are completely absent. These guys have not heard of registration certificates and licenses from regulators for the right to carry out financial activities. Recall that this office positions itself as a financial and credit organization. Also doubtful is the information that the “bank” can change rates without notice and charge “other fees” (which is not clear).

All these factors indicate that we are simply scammers.

If you are scammed by United Bank Grenadines, leave your e-mail at the beginning of the article and we will send you a step-by-step action plan to help you get your money back.

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