MoveProfit is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

The largest community of traders, unique IT and investment solutions for online trading, as well as safe trading of over 200 assets - all this is offered by the best (as it positions itself) MoveProfit broker. The company assures of fully regulated activities and the most favorable conditions for cooperation, with zero commissions and professional assistance. But it all looks too rosy to be true. Well, let's analyze together and understand whether it is worth investing in MoveProfit.

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move profit. General information

Broker's main website:

Whois score:

MoveProfit scam reviews
Move Profit Whois

Site analysis

The MoveProfit website is made on a simple constructor like Tilda or Google sites. The homepage has a relatively ugly design, with a black background, simple fonts, and ugly looking pictures that look like primitive 3D graphics. But, we should pay tribute, the adaptability of the layout seemed to us at an acceptable level. Although now most of the free templates that can be downloaded on the Internet are already created with built-in adaptation to various devices. The site menu includes the following sections:

  • market overview;
  • terms of trade;
  • "about the company", with accreditations and licenses;
  • Contact details.

To the right of the menu there are buttons for changing the page display language, login / registration.

In the header of the site there is a slider with the very dumb pictures and a description of the main advantages. Below the bottom is the target action button “start trading”.

Following we see 6 main reasons to cooperate with MoveProfit. The following is a 3-step guide to getting started.

Next - again the benefits of working with MoveProfit. They duplicate the data from the slider, telling about which broker is great and that you won’t find another like it (I wonder what the FAS RF would say about this?).

Below is the latest economic news, followed by account types.

The footer duplicates the menu. It also states that MoveProfit is registered in the UK. And its activities are regulated by the Cyprus Securities Commission, the Mauritius Financial Services Commission and several other regulators. But at this moment, Stirlitz, we will ask you to stay.

Expertise of legal information, MoveProfit licenses

Since the address indicated by MoveProfit is located in the UK, it is advisable to check the registration of the company in the Public Registry of the United Kingdom. So we did. And we got a completely predictable result: our "British" friends are not in the database.

MoveProfit scam reviews
MoveProfit State Register

However, there is no address indicated on the site.

MoveProfit scam reviews
MoveProfit google maps data

In addition to the address in the "contacts" section, a phone number is indicated. However, when checking, it turns out that it lacks one digit.

MoveProfit scam reviews
MoveProfit phone number

It turns out that it will not be possible to find this company, even if you call them or go to visit. The only working channel of communication is email. However, we have a suspicion that it will take a very long time to answer your letters.

In the "about the company" section, MoveProfit positions itself as an experienced player in the financial market with a 4-year history. During this time, judging by the presented counter, 30,000 traders have registered on the platform of the office, who close deals worth 155 million dollars daily. However, given the results of the Whois check (the very first screen of the article) - all this is just a fantasy that only a person who has never been scammed for money can believe.

Although the domain was registered in 2018, the last update was in January 2021. So, it was at this moment that the office appeared on the Internet and there can be no talk of any long-term experience and millions of turnovers.

We think that it is the same story with the licenses allegedly possessed by MoveProfit. We tested the most famous of them and got exactly the same results as in the case of registration.

MoveProfit scam reviews
MoveProfit licenses Cyprus
MoveProfit scam reviews
MoveProfit License Mauritius

It turns out MoveProfit is the same “British” and the same “broker” as the heroes of our previous reviews. They have no licenses, no address, and no conscience.

At the end of our analysis, we will traditionally provide information on the availability of permission to work with residents of Russia and the CIS countries from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation:

MoveProfit scam reviews
MoveProfit CBRF

Features of the company MoveProfit. Tools and conditions for traders

Every scammer literally jumps out of pants screens to convince the user who came to his site to give him his money. MoveProfit is no exception. The site has a huge list of benefits:

  • unprecedented leverage and number of analytical instruments;
  • inability to go into a negative balance;
  • professional assistance 24/7;
  • high processing speed and transaction security;
  • convenient, intuitive trading platform;
  • comprehensive report on deposits;
  • over 200 financial instruments;
  • commissions 0%;
  • no requotes and slippage;
  • the ability to trade at any time from different devices;
  • the simplest registration in three steps: application, entrance to the trading terminal, replenishment of the deposit.

In general, everything, as long as you smile, or rather, bring your hard-earned money to the pseudo-broker as soon as possible.

The office offers its clients as many as three way to lose your money deposit packages:

  • basic, with a minimum account of $150;
  • optimal - from 1000 dollars;
  • and professional - from 10 thousand dollars.

Depending on which investment package you choose, the amount of benefits provided also varies (for example, the amount of leverage, the number of available markets). However, in reality, the more you invest in this project, the higher your regrets will be later. Because all these benefits and services are just a hearth painted on canvas, where it is impossible to warm up.

Real customer reviews MoveProfit

Despite the 4-year "experience" of the MoveProfit team, we could not find any mention of it, except for revealing reviews. This once again confirms that all the information indicated on the office’s website is fake and it makes no sense to contact them, unless, of course, you value your money and time.

If you have become victims of MoveProfit scams, leave comments under this article. Don't stay away. Perhaps it is your review that will save someone from losing money.

Scheme of deceiving users MoveProfit

MoveProfit's divorce strategy is aimed at beginners in trading. Potential "Pinocchio" are found on job search sites, thematic forums, communities on social networks or by spam calls and SMS on purchased databases of phone numbers.

The legend is usually the same - some kind of virtue or a friend of a successful trader offer a profitable scheme, backing up their words with “success stories”.

By going to the site of this very “profitable project”, the victim sees rainbow soap bubbles in the form of benefits, “official activities” and other goodies that can be obtained with minimal effort. Users, besotted by the outward simplicity of getting high profits, do not notice how they give their own, and sometimes borrowed money, into the clutches of scammers, which they will never see again.

The only thing that MoveProfit has great experience in is skillful manipulation and knowledge of the “psychology of slaves” who are hungry for quick money. However, in the real world, the magic button "loot" simply does not exist.

Even if you work for yourself, you need to constantly learn, master new trading tools and, most importantly, discipline yourself. Only in this way, and not by throwing money into “profitable projects” like MoveProfit, you can really earn money and even get rich.


The following signs of fraudulent activity have been identified on the MoveProfit website:

  • non-unique, non-informative site;
  • lack of licenses from regulators, official registration;
  • false information about the experience and other advantages of the company, misleading users;
  • incorrect legal address;
  • incomplete contact details;
  • lack of feedback.

Thus, we are faced with another scam project called MoveProfit, which is not worth investing in even if you heat the fireplace with 100 dollar bills.

If you have become a victim of MoveProfit or other black brokers and want to return your investment, enter your email address in the form at the beginning of the article. We will send you a plan of action to take in such a situation.

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