LAND-FX IS A SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

The investment service of the PAMM system, which corresponds to the interests of successful traders and investors, the 0% commission, fast, safe replenishment of the balance with Bitcoin, as well as other goodies have been prepared for their clients by LAND-FX, which we will analyze in today's review.

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LAND-FX. General information

Broker's main website:

Whois score:

LAND-FX reviews scam

Site analysis

When going to the site from Yandex Browser, we were in for such a surprise:

LAND-FX reviews scam

We became curious about what we were carefully protected from and we entered the site via VPN. Before us opened a multi-page resource, which is translated into a huge number of languages. At the same time, the translation was made rather poorly and many blocks remained in the language of the original source.

The first feeling from visiting the site is despondency. The primitive structure of the main page, stock images, extremely inconvenient navigation are typical signs of scam sites. The information is located on all pages of the resource so scattered that it will be difficult for an unprepared person to assemble this puzzle into a single picture. In addition, many blocks and sections duplicate each other. And in order to find really significant data in this mess, you need to flip pages for a long time, re-read the same thing, which, of course, no one wants to do. But the most important information, namely promising benefits, unique trading conditions and all kinds of regalia, are flaunted on the main page without any actual confirmation of their plausibility.

In addition to the main page, the site has the following sections:

  • customer support (e-mail addresses by request type, feedback form);
  • website rules, privacy policy and other standard documents;
  • FAQ;
  • about company;
  • review of instruments and trading conditions;
  • opening a real or demo account;
  • White Lebel affiliate program, Queens Park Rangers sponsorship information;
  • overview of the MT4 and MT5 platform for different devices, as well as PAMM Sistem and demo account;
  • instructions for replenishing an account, withdrawing money, presentation of the Fund to ensure the safety and security of funds;
  • company news, market analytics;
  • webinars - an empty section that redirects to the main page;
  • support service - a section that duplicates the first one.

Under the menu there is a header with a slider and buttons “open a live or demo account”.

Below is a tiny inscription that trading is associated with risks and losses may exceed the deposit. That is, they openly tell you that by trading with LAND-FX you can go into the red.

Further, some of the menu sections are duplicated, under which there is another block with a presentation of the PAMM system from LAND-FX.

Following is published information about the company. There are also icons with the main benefits.

Then there is a block about competitive pricing. Nearby is a financial table with spreads and asset values.

Below - company news, logos of the largest payment systems, awards and benefits.

The footer of LAND-FX is entirely in English. There, the office indicates the regulator from which it allegedly received licenses, and also gives a detailed warning about the risks. Since the resource is designed for Russian-speaking traders, we dare to assume that such an oversight as the lack of translation of official data was made on purpose so that clients do not delve into the essence of the content. But we will try to chew on the main part of the data that is essential when choosing a broker. And at the same time we will check their authenticity.

Expertise of legal information, LAND-FX licenses

Since LAND-FX hides its licenses so carefully that they dragged them into the footer, wrote about them in small print, and did not even bother to translate them into Russian, let's start with them.

To begin with, let's translate the first paragraph on the regulation of the company's activities.

LAND-FX reviews scam

The office indicates that it is a subsidiary or partner of Land Prime LTD. Let's check the presence of the mentioned license number in the database of the regulator.

LAND-FX reviews scam

The certificate is authentic. However, we have already mentioned, in particular this review that you can register your even the most fraudulent office in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines on the most loyal terms and for a very modest fee. The only condition for registering an offshore company in the Republic is the inability to offer its services to its residents. This is how the authorities insure themselves against the leakage of large investments abroad and at the same time have a good jackpot from all kinds of crooks who pay for paid registration services for their “projects”. It is also worth noting that the Financial Services Authority does not issue any licenses to brokerage or similar organizations. A corresponding warning was published on the official website of the regulator.

LAND-FX reviews scam

We also note that the office did not bother to acquire even a fake registration address and a digital telephony number. In the technical support section, LAND-FX indicates that you can call them. Here are just a phone number (if any) these comrades buried so far that we could not find it.

LAND-FX reviews scam

It turns out that we have an anonymous offshore company, which can only be contacted by e-mail or through the feedback form. But if you are not a registered user, then you should not even try. You, most likely, will not wait for a clear answer, but “light up” your contacts. And this is fraught with unpleasant situations with SPAM mailings, account hacking, theft of banking data and other consequences.

Also, the LAND-FX broker did not provide a single license from the regulators. But if he expects to work with clients from the Russian Federation or other CIS countries, he must obtain at least one license - from the Central Bank. However, even here the office considered that it would work anyway.

And the last one is the age of the company. On the site with information about their successful (who would doubt) activities, LAND-FX posted awards that they allegedly received for outstanding achievements in the financial market. The oldest of these awards dates back to 2013.

LAND-FX reviews scam

The result of the domain check showed us a completely unusual result (see the very first screen)

The domain was created in 2012 and it actually hosted the LAND-FX website. That's just according to the web archive, at that time the organization was registered in New Zealand.

LAND-FX reviews scam

The office was deregistered in 2017.

LAND-FX reviews scam

And since 2016, the company has moved to the UK - another well-known offshore zone.

LAND-FX reviews scam LAND-FX reviews scam

Already in 2020, the office was registered in the Republic of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. At the same time, the year of registration was indicated as the same 2016, and the organization Landfx Ltd, which had already become a partner firm of the new broker Land Prime LTD, moved to Cyprus.

LAND-FX reviews scam

By the way, the address indicated in the last screenshot does not exist in Cyprus.

LAND-FX reviews scam

One gets the impression that the office is constantly running away from someone. Perhaps from the servants of the law?

Another option is that a scam broker bought an experienced domain from a collapsed company and now swindles people on its behalf.

Features of LAND-FX. Tools and conditions for traders

LAND-FX has prepared a huge number of advantages for its clients:

  • a wide range of tools;
  • 24/5 support;
  • economic news and analytics;
  • educational materials;
  • platforms for different tasks;
  • secure storage of funds;
  • numerous ways to deposit and withdraw money;
  • transparent working conditions;
  • the largest financial servers;
  • instant execution of orders;
  • commissions 0%;
  • huge leverage;
  • cooperation with a successful, experienced company awarded numerous prestigious awards.

However, as the analysis of official information shows, it is unlikely that any of the above is related to reality. Our opinion is confirmed by the reviews, which can be read in the next chapter.

Real customer testimonials from LAND-FX

Our reviews are all negative. This indicates the low quality of the services provided, as well as the fraudulent actions that the LAND-FX broker uses in relation to its clients. And even the presence of an affiliate program designed to provide the office with laudatory reviews and reviews did not save them from devastating comments.

LAND-FX reviews scam
LAND-FX reviews
LAND-FX reviews scam
LAND-FX reviews
LAND-FX reviews scam
LAND-FX reviews
LAND-FX reviews scam
LAND-FX reviews
LAND-FX reviews scam
LAND-FX reviews

If you have become victims of LAND-FX scams, leave comments below this article. Perhaps it is your review that will save someone from losing money.

LAND-FX user fraud scheme

Judging by the reviews, as well as the results of the examination of legally significant information about the LAND-FX company, the algorithm of their actions is not much different from other scam projects.

Getting to the broker's website, an inexperienced client can get lost in the huge volumes of disparate, repetitive information, among which there is not one - real evidence of legal activity.

LAND-FX is doing its best to impress an authoritative, reliable company with many years of experience, regalia, favorable terms of cooperation. You are allowed to trade on a demo account, they convince you of the simplicity and high profitability of such an investment, they are bred for loans in order to “play for high stakes”.

However, as soon as your money gets to the broker's account, it is no longer up to high matters, and the office brazenly and treacherously begins to drain your deposit. At one point, for some reason, technical failures occur, technical support goes into decline, and you are banned for violating the rules of cooperation.

A skillfully drawn up client-user agreement, which, by the way, few people read, allows the office to completely transfer responsibility from itself to the fledgling shoulders of beginners in trading.

Moreover, leaving your banking and other data, you may be drawn into credit obligations and fall into a debt hole.

Waiting for justice from these comrades, and even more so for big earnings, is a waste of time.


On the website of the LAND-FX office, we noticed the following signs of fraud:

  • the ability to visit the resource only bypassing blocking;
  • lack of regulation, including a license from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation;
  • a huge number of negative reviews;
  • foreign technical support;
  • high entry threshold;
  • exaggeration of user expectations;
  • permanent change of the country of registration;
  • inconvenient site with low adaptability.

Despite the fact that there are positive reviews on the network, provided by affiliate programs and meager payouts to lull vigilance, we definitely do not recommend investing in this project. You are unlikely to get a good profit here, but you will be provided with a nervous breakdown and a drained deposit.

If you have become a victim of LAND-FX or other black brokers and want to get your hard-earned money back, leave your mail in the form at the beginning of the article. We will send you a step-by-step, illustrated plan of action to take.

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