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Today we will talk about the #1 financial literacy team. Namely, the investment and consulting firm ISNEP. These guys offer effective trading training with a guaranteed result, as well as assistance in financial planning, drafting individual working conditions, and expert assistance in working with investments. Let's find out together how high-quality services this office offers and what is really hidden under the mask of reliability and success.

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ISNEP. General information

Broker's main website:

Whois score:

ISNEP reviews scam
Domain Age

Site analysis

The ISNEP website is, in essence, a one-page site with a claim to a full-fledged resource. A simple, template design combined with stock images has nothing to do with our ideas of a serious organization that can be trusted. Solidarity with us and the service of independent evaluation of sites.

ISNEP reviews scam
Site rating

The site has two display languages - Russian and English. And includes such blocks of the main page:

  • menu (about the company, contacts, reviews);
  • a slider with the main selling proposition, or rather one single slide that you can scroll through several times and see the same loud statement about team No. 1 with a primitive picture in the background;
  • main products, they are the company's advantages;
  • another block with the benefits of cooperation;
  • block of application for consultation;
  • company statistics;
  • an incomprehensible, by all indications, fake schedule and a statement that your income today will help you cope with tomorrow's affairs (thanks, cap!);
  • reviews from “real” customers (we will return to this point later);
  • a team of experts (we will also talk about this in more detail below);
  • another form of consultation request;
  • registration/login form.

The footer contains an e-mail, a phone number, and the address of two representative offices - in Helsinki and Moscow. We will discuss this and several other points in more detail in the next chapter.

Expertise of legal information, ISNEP licenses

Let's start with checking the legality of the company. Although ISNEP positions itself as a consulting organization, its main activity is related to investments. Therefore, it is natural that they should have a license from the financial regulator. However, the office does not mention any such documents on its website. Moreover, the addresses that are given on the resource pages are fake.

ISNEP reviews scam

According to these coordinates, there are large business centers of both capitals. However, our friends were not found in the lists of organizations working there.

ISNEP reviews scam ISNEP reviews scam

There is no monitored office in the registers of economic entities of the Russian Federation and Finland.

ISNEP reviews scam
Registration of the Russian Federation
ISNEP reviews scam
Registration Finland

Therefore, it is unlikely that these anonymous people will also have a license to operate in the financial sector.

We were also embarrassed by the section where the team of experts is represented. The fact is that some of the photos of employees published there turned out to be stock

ISNEP reviews scam ISNEP reviews scam ISNEP reviews scam

It is also alarming that instead of the history of the company's formation, its competitive features, or at least a beautiful legend, our heroes published several vague and quite standard advantages.

ISNEP reviews scam

And for dessert - the age of the office. Despite the fact that the company shows beautiful numbers of its statistics on the main page, the last update, according to the domain age check service (the very first screen), took place at the end of September 2021. The rest of the scan parameters are hidden by special settings. This moment is enough to understand that the data given in the statistics on the number of accounts for the last year, profitable transactions and average monthly income is a cheap trick that has nothing to do with reality.

Features of the work of ISNEP. Tools and conditions for traders

For its clients, ISNEP has prepared the following goodies:

  • the possibility of effective financial planning and achievement of goals using available resources;
  • guarantee of results through cooperation with professionals;
  • building a balanced development strategy;
  • minimum commissions for services, which are calculated from the client's profit;
  • expert support around the clock.

At the same time, it is difficult to understand how the company ensures the fulfillment of these duties. After all, there is no content on the site dedicated to the activities or history of ISNEP. Everything that we see can do little to help us understand what we are still dealing with. Water texts devoid of any information, fake contact details and fictitious statistics - this hardly has anything to do with a proposal that is really worthy of attention.

Real testimonials from ISNEP clients

Despite the fact that the ISNEP website is presented with rather poor content, the office has allocated a whole section for publishing reviews from satisfied customers. Naturally, they are all fake, ordered for money and written in approximately the same pattern in a positive way.
ISNEP reviews scam

The real state of things in the market of this office differs significantly from the opinion of its fictitious partners and clients.

ISNEP reviews scam

ISNEP reviews scam
ISNEP reviews

If you have already dealt with ISNEP scammers, leave comments under this article. Give it just a couple of minutes and perhaps you will save others from a rash step.

ISNEP User Fraud Scheme

The algorithm of interaction with potential victims of ISNEP can be characterized by the words from one song - "lay softly, but sleep hard." This is exactly how our heroes act in relation to their clients.

First, you will be offered a great opportunity to earn money with full expert support and a minimum of effort. But after you deposit real money into your balance, they will talk to you in a completely different way. Although, it is not certain that they will do it at all. Indeed, such organizations often block the accounts of their victims immediately after making a deposit.


On the ISNEP website, we found the following signs of fraud:

  • primitive, uninformative site;
  • a short period of existence of the company on the market;
  • use of stock photos, fake addresses, lack of registrations and licenses, false statistics;
  • the presence of laudatory reviews on the site with completely negative comments on the Internet.

All this should certainly stop you from thoughtlessly losing your investment and make you triple-check your potential counterparty next time. Investing in financial markets is exactly the case when it is better to play it safe.

If you have been scammed by ISNEP or other fraudulent companies and you are desperate to get your lost money back, perhaps our step-by-step action plan can help you. You can get it by filling out a short form at the beginning of the article.

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