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Today we will ride with a passenger named Inc-Div. This is a broker offering efficient trading from anywhere in the world, 100% security of funds and the best tools for the job. In the review, we will consider the main services and conditions of cooperation, legal information and reviews. And in the end, together we will conclude whether it is worth investing our money in this project.

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Inc-Div. General information

Broker's main website:

Trustorg rating:

Inc-Div reviews scammer
Inc-Div verification by Trustorg

Site analysis

We want to say right away that when trying to enter the Inc-Div website from Yandex.Browser, we encountered this.

Inc-Div reviews scammer

After that, we became even more curious about what Inc-Div is and what Roskomnadzor so carefully wants to protect us from, so we used a foreign browser.

The Inc-Div resource has a minimalistic, so-called "light" design. It looks pleasing to the eye. But, at the same time, the site is template and uninformative, reminiscent of the dozens of lohobrovers we have considered. The site evaluation service indicated the fair value of this resource.

Inc-Div reviews scammer
Inc-Div resource cost

But let's not jump to conclusions and talk about everything in order.

A completely standard menu includes the following sections:

  • review of markets (currencies, metals, securities, etc.);
  • terms of trade;
  • about the company, accreditation and license;
  • contacts.

Next to the menu bar (or drop-down list on mobile devices) are the login/registration buttons.

Under the top block there is a slider, where the main advantages of working with a broker are traditionally indicated, as well as a button for the target action “start trading”.

Under the header of the main page is a block with benefits, arguing why you should choose Inc-Div. Next comes the classic 3-step guide to getting started trading and another block with benefits.

Below are account types and economic news.

In the footer, under the duplicated main menu, the Inc-Div registration address is indicated, as well as the license numbers that the broker allegedly has. We will verify this information in the next section.

Expertise of legal information, Inc-Div licenses

So, Inc-Div indicates the following address of his "registration": Agiou Miltiadis Avenue, 7 8891 Limassol. According to these data, the company's headquarters is located in Cyprus. At the same time, the domain of the office is registered in Norway (see the very first screen at the beginning of the article).

However, our trust was immediately undermined when checking the address on Google maps. There is no such street in Limassol.

Inc-Div reviews scammer
Inc-Div Google Maps

In the "contacts" section, we also saw a phone number by which the company can be reached. The number is an active link, by clicking on which you can go to the telegram. The number itself, as evidenced by the verification service, is incorrect or non-existent.

Inc-Div reviews scammer
Inc-Div phone number verification

There are no other ways to contact the office other than an email address. But your letters, obviously, will be read for a long, long time.

The broker also indicates that it works in accordance with the instructions of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, the International Financial Services Commission and the Commission of the Republic of Mauritius, citing license numbers. Despite the fact that we already guess what the result will be, we will check each of them.

Inc-Div reviews scammer
Inc-Div license
Inc-Div reviews scammer
Inc-Div license
Inc-Div reviews scammer
Inc-Div license

Which was to be proven.

These crooks do not have permission to work with traders from the Russian Federation and the CIS.

Inc-Div reviews scammer
Inc-Div CBRF

In the "about us" section, the broker also lists other reputable regulators and liquidity providers. However, we didn't waste time trying to "break through" Inc-Div in the database of all these cool guys. Because we know that the result will be the same everywhere as in the last 4 screenshots.

Well, the last. The broker positions itself as a provider of innovative trading services, offering a wide range of instruments and minimal commissions. If you believe the counter, the office has existed for 4 years and during this time it was able to grow to 150 million daily turnover.

Inc-Div reviews scammer

However, the data of the service checking the age of the domain and the web archive, clarified the situation better than any words. Even though the domain was registered in 2018, back in 2019, a completely different resource hung on it.

Inc-Div reviews scammer
Inc-Div web archive

The heroes of our review "settled" at this address only in 2021.

Inc-Div reviews scammer
Inc-Div Whois

Therefore, all information about many years of experience and successful success is a fable for beginners.

We were also confused by the User Agreement, in which there are at least 3 clauses that directly indicate that the office can merge you without explaining the reasons and not even asking for your last name.

Features of Inc-Div. Tools and conditions for traders

Inc-Div offers the following conditions for its clients:

  • huge leverage;
  • round the clock technical support;
  • up-to-date quotes in real time;
  • deposit insurance;
  • an innovative platform accessible from any device.

Users can choose from several types of accounts, with a minimum deposit of 150 to 10 thousand USD. Depending on how much you give to the office, you will be provided with certain services. However, as evidenced by the customer reviews that we managed to find, Inc-Div will not provide you with anything other than wasted time, money and nerves.

Real customer testimonials Inc-Div

We were able to find some feedback on the activities of Inc-Div. All of them, without exception, indicate that we have a typical scam broker who not only takes all the savings from his clients, but also drags them into debt.

Inc-Div reviews scammer
Inc-Div Reviews

If you have become victims of Inc-Div scams, leave comments under this article. Perhaps it is your review that will save someone from losing money.

Inc-Div user fraud scheme

To find their victims, scammers use traditional lead generation channels - advertising, cold calls, spam mailings and instant messengers, thematic publics on social networks, and forums dedicated to trading in financial markets.

After the scammers manage to find a potential client, they are “treated” with various success stories, offers to raise big money without much effort, etc. In the course of communication, the client is asked all sorts of questions in order to better compose his psychological portrait and subsequently hit the very target.

As soon as the money of a client drugged by greed gets into the account, Inc-Div crooks begin to act in several ways. Or this is “drawing” profits in order to lure even more money out of the trader. Or it is the recovery of money for non-existent commissions or insurance. Or is it a banal account blocking. It is also possible to use false advice. After all, Inc-Div, as in all such offices, has a “team of consultants”, or rather, experienced breeders who are hired for the sole purpose of extorting everything from the victim, to the last penny.

In any case, and no matter what strategies and tactics the Inc-Div broker chooses, starting to invest in his project or similar offices, you will not see your own, much less earned money.


After walking around the Inc-Div broker website, we immediately found all the most typical signs of fraudulent organizations:

  • lack of contact details, registration, licenses of regulators;
  • false information about the activities and turnover of the company, the time of existence on the market, misleading users;
  • primitive, non-unique site;
  • the presence of negative reviews.

To trade with such offices or not is everyone's business. But be sure that by investing in the Inc-Div project, you run the risk of being left without your money every second. We definitely do not recommend contacting this scammer.

If you have become a victim of Inc-Div or other black brokers and want to get your hard-earned money back, leave your mail in the form at the beginning of the article. We will send you a step-by-step, illustrated plan of action to take.

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