Financial ICO is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

Today we will not talk about brokers, but about the defenders of their lawlessness. Or rather, one of the companies that are engaged in the return of funds stolen by scammers. It is called Financial ICO and offers a full range of legal services on this issue. Let's evaluate together how much you can trust this office and whether it is worth giving it your last hopes and money.

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Financial ICO. General information

Broker's main website:

Trustorg rating:

Financial ICO reviews scam
Trust in the network

Site analysis

The website of the Financial ICO company is a primitive one-pager created in half an hour on a template downloaded from the Internet. Standard blocks, stock photos, beautiful promises - all this is waiting for its “client”, who sees in these comrades, perhaps, the last hope to return the money lost from unscrupulous brokers.

Landing is represented by the following blocks:

  • menu bar (benefits, reviews, contacts);
  • a header with the main commercial offer and a button for ordering a free consultation;
  • advantages of the company, some statistics are also given there;
  • consultation order form;
  • presentation of a team of specialists with more than 7 years of experience;
  • instructions for starting cooperation;
  • customer reviews;
  • another form of consultation request.

The footer contains contact information, as well as logos of popular payment systems.

An independent site appraiser assigned a price tag of 2 rubles to this resource. And this did not surprise us at all. Why? Learn from the information in the following sections.

Financial ICO reviews scam
Site rating

Expertise of legal information, Financial ICO licenses

An important point is to return money from unscrupulous (especially illegally operating) brokerage or investment companies - that's another quest. The outcome of the case is influenced by a huge number of points - from the reaction of your broker's bank to the request to cancel the transaction, ending with the professionalism of the employees who work for the counterparty who deceived you. In addition, judicial practice in such cases, alas, is not on the side of the victims of fraud. Therefore, real lawyers will not guarantee you a return on your investment, unless, of course, they are afraid of losing their good name. What can not be said about the heroes of today's review, who are confident in victory.

In its statistics and benefits, the Financial ICO company claims that it appeared in the last century, namely, in 1999, it helped to return over 14 million euros, leaving all 94% customers satisfied.

Financial ICO reviews scam

However, with all due respect to old age, we did not find the slightest confirmation of these words on the net. The age of the domain on which the project lies does not exceed six months.

Financial ICO reviews scam

And in the database of business entities in the UK, where our heroes allegedly registered, we found only a couple of companies with a consonant name. And then they collapsed a long time ago. Despite the fact that even without this, the address and year of their registration differed from the information provided by Financial ICO about themselves.

Financial ICO reviews scam
Financial ICO reviews scam

Moreover, the address at which our rescuers of broken traders' hearts are allegedly "registered" does not exist on planet Earth at all.

Financial ICO reviews scam
google maps data

It turns out that you can contact these guys only by phone (and that is not a fact, and it’s expensive) or through the consultation request form.

Financial ICO reviews scam

However, we wouldn't leave our phone or email details on an incomprehensible site. After all, since childhood, we all know what happens to those who tell strangers where they live. Perhaps a gray wolf in a grandmother's cap will not come to you, but 100% will provide mountains of SPAM.

Well, our favorite is the Financial ICO team of experts.

Financial ICO reviews scam

Those who follow updates on will surely know how much we love the image search feature. It allows not only to expose fake offices. But it’s also great fun, diluting the seriousness of the moment when analyzing legal information. So, all the photos of the experts of the Financial ICO company, who supposedly will help you recover the money lost from unscrupulous (ah-ah-ah, shame on you) brokers, were stupidly taken from stocks.

Financial ICO reviews scam Financial ICO reviews scam

Financial ICO reviews scam
Image search

Features of the work of the company Financial ICO. Tools and conditions for traders

To return the money stolen by black brokers using the Financial ICO, you need to go through only three steps.

  1. Fill out the feedback form to request a consultation.
  2. Provide receipts for the transfer of funds to the account of brokers.
  3. Get your funds back in a convenient way.

A company that has been working with you since 1999, provides round-the-clock support, gives you the opportunity to save time and get help online, and also has 94% positive ratings for its activities.

The only pity is that all this is pure lure, which has nothing to do with the real state of affairs. This is confirmed by the reviews we found.

Real customer reviews of Financial ICO

After we admired the photos of the “team of professionals” of the Financial ICO company, the veracity of the reviews published on their website naturally left us with no doubts.

Financial ICO reviews scam

Only (that's bad luck) on other sites you can find completely opposite assessments of the activities of the monitored office.

Financial ICO reviews scam
Financial ICO reviews

If you lost money believing the promises Financial ICO - leave comments under this article. Perhaps it is your review that will save someone from losing money.

Financial ICO User Fraud Scheme

Despite the fact that the Financial ICO company positions itself as defenders of the victims of brokerage lawlessness, they cheat their clients no worse than the most inveterate scammers in the financial markets.

You are offered a free consultation, where they talk about what will help solve your particular situation. They tell you what steps they will take to get your money back, and they even slip you an “official” contract for the provision of services. But in such documents, most often something like “compiling a list of recommendations to fix the problem”, “calculating the probability of a refund” or some other bullshit that has nothing to do with real legal assistance is indicated.

An unsuspecting client signs a paper and receives something like a checklist with percentages, which evaluate the probability of returning the money. And that's probably all.

You will not receive any legal services, support in court, assistance in lawsuit proceedings.

You may even be promised that they will take payment for services only upon the return of your funds. But, nevertheless, during the entire period of "cooperation" you will be charged some "costs", small amounts, which, in the end, will reach impressive numbers.


Although Financial ICO is not a brokerage or investment house, which we usually consider on, we found typical features of scammers on their website:

  • lack of registration;
  • misleading users with information about work experience, successful transactions and guaranteed results;
  • fake address;
  • the presence of negative reviews, the provision of custom positive ratings;
  • primitive, uninformative site.

Offices such as Financial ICO are much more dangerous than simple blurring of the eyes, which is done by typical scammers. And the main danger is that you not only lose precious time, in which you could still catch pseudo-brokers who deceived you by the tail, but also give away the last, and most often already borrowed money, hoping for a happy outcome.

Therefore, do not be fooled by false promises, but rather learn to recognize deceivers before you give them your hard-earned money.

If you have been scammed for money by Financial ICO or other similar offices that profit from someone else's grief, and you do not know what to do now, first pull yourself together. And then leave your contacts in the form at the beginning of the article. Unlike the “lawyers” we review, we will send you a self-help plan for your situation at no cost.

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