Emerging Markets Group. Review. Activity analysis

Emerging Markets Group is an advanced service for online trading in financial markets. The company has been operating in Europe for a long time and not long ago began to provide its services in Russia. This project is suitable for both professional traders and beginners, for whom training is provided on the platform. Today we will analyze the presented project, understand the important details and draw the appropriate conclusions.

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Emerging Markets Group. General information

Broker's main website:


Site analysis

It is worth noting that the Emerging Markets Group have a rather user-friendly and visually beautiful website. Bright colors not only make the design more modern, but also immediately grab the user's attention. All information is presented in logical blocks. Pages load pretty quickly. The platform works in 2 languages: Russian and English. The translation is of high quality, without grammatical errors.

The site consists of the following sections, including additional tabs:

  • information (about us, types of trading accounts, FAQ, affiliate program);
  • products (forex);
  • documents (AML policy, KYC, security, privacy policy, terms and conditions);
  • analytics (economic calendar);
  • training (fundamental and technical analysis);
  • contacts.

On all pages, the company details its activities. Users are provided with the necessary data to get started.

Expertise of legal information, licenses Emerging Markets Group

According to the information given on the Emerging Markets Group website, the company was founded in 2000. Shailesh Govindia is listed as the CEO of the organization. Additional information about this person could not be found.

All legal information of the project is publicly available. The broker is registered in the UK. After checking the registration number indicated on the site, we find out that the hero of our review is indeed regulated by the UK government.

Emerging Markets Group reviews check
Registration data

To contact the Emerging Markets Group, in the corresponding section of their web resource, they provide telephone numbers, e-mail of the technical support service and a feedback form. The broker claims that his team works around the clock. There are 2 telephone numbers: international format and with the code of Russia.

Emerging Markets Group reviews check

The organization also describes in detail the terms of cooperation, provides a user agreement, a privacy policy. The documentation clearly states why a profile can be blocked, what actions are considered illegal, what information will be required from you during registration, what measures are taken to protect personal information and customer funds.

Peculiarities of work of Emerging Markets Group company. Tools and conditions for traders

Emerging Markets Group specializes in working with currency pairs. All trading here is carried out exclusively in contracts for difference. This allows you to earn not only on the growth of quotes, but also on the game for a fall. The pool of liquidity providers consists of Deutsche Bank, Citibank, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, UBS, HSBC. Traders get access to 1,843 tickers: major, minor and exotic pairs. All commissions are fixed.

Emerging Markets Group reviews check

Financial transactions take place on the broker's own platform. For more convenient work, the project also offers to use a mobile application with identical full functionality. At the same time, the organization guarantees complete protection of money and personal information of customers. To simplify the trading process as much as possible, all users are provided with a wide range of functional tools.

Emerging Markets Group reviews check

The company considers customer focus to be its main quality. Therefore, the platform has several sections with training materials. In any incomprehensible situation, you can always get advice from experienced traders by contact numbers.

Trading accounts

Emerging Markets Group offers 5 types of accounts to choose from:

  1. Newbie. The minimum deposit is 1000 €.
  2. Standard. Entrance starts from 5000 €.
  3. Experienced. Minimum input capital 10000 €.
  4. Investor. From 50000 €.
  5. Not less than 100,000 €.

Emerging Markets Group reviews check

As you can see, tariff plans are provided for both experienced players and beginners. The higher the rate, the more additional services the platform provides. Possible privileges include:

  • personal manager;
  • micro-lots with a minimum risk indicator;
  • personal analyst;
  • personal training courses;
  • transaction insurance.

Access to various tools for a reason opens up with the gradual improvement of your profile. This is done with the expectation that an inexperienced client comes to the platform and as his knowledge improves, new opportunities open up for him. This reduces the risk of instant loss of funds by beginners.

Emerging Markets Group reviews check


After the client examines the broker's website, he can quickly start trading. To get started, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Create your account. Here, the user will be required to enter their name, phone number, email and come up with a strong password.
  2. Pass verification. To confirm your identity, you must upload scanned copies of at least 2 official documents. The first is a passport or driver's license. The second document is to verify your address, which could be a utility bill or a bank statement.
  3. After replenishing the deposit according to the selected tariff plan, you can immediately start trading.

Many users are afraid of verification, since not everyone wants to upload their personal documents to the Internet. However, this procedure goes through everyone who cooperates with any serious financial institution. In addition, verification of clients from brokers is required by the state and international regulators.

Emerging Markets Group reviews check

affiliate program

The activity of the Emerging Markets Group is aimed at expanding the client base, so the company offers its partners a referral program, presented in two versions:

  1. You receive a one-time fixed payment for each client who opened a deposit on the project. The amount of CPA can increase with the growth of the number of invited clients.
  2. The program is designed for webmasters, SEO specialists and Internet marketing managers. The amount of the commission depends on the number of attracted registered clients. The commission is paid for each lead confirmed by phone.

To get more detailed information about the terms of cooperation, it is advisable to contact the manager of the company. Emerging Markets Group specifically does not set clear conditions for an affiliate program, so that you can always agree on the most favorable conditions for each party. Users are provided with all the materials necessary for advertising, a personal account with detailed statistics is created.

Emerging Markets Group reviews check


Emerging Markets Group offer very favorable terms of cooperation. Yes, the minimum deposit of 1000 euros is a rather large amount, but the company determines it with a high level of its reliability. The broker openly provides its legal data. The information presented on the platform gives an understanding of the structure and operation of the project.

But it is always important to calculate your strength adequately. And it is better to refrain from trading on credit, for credit or borrowed money from friends. So trading will take place in a more relaxed atmosphere. And the loss of invested funds will not entail such large-scale problems as draining other people's funds

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