DealerNets is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

It can be difficult for experienced traders to find a broker that matches their needs. Whether it's newbies. For most of them, trading is a game. However, such a perception of reality can turn into quite childish problems.

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Today we will talk about the DealerNets broker, which is able to cover the needs of both beginners and experienced players in the financial markets. But is the information stated on their website true, let's figure it out in this review

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DealerNets. General information

Broker's main website:

Trustorg rating:


DealerNets Reviews
DealerNets verification by Trustorg

According to the verification, it was revealed that another site is listed on this IP.

Site analysis

Having hammered the site address into the search bar, we immediately encountered such a surprise:


DealerNets Reviews


We open the DealerNets website in Opera and see a template resource, which we can observe, for example, IDPRO ACTIVE and other pseudo-brokers that we talked about earlier.

The menu contains the following sections:

  • "about company";
  • licenses and accreditations;
  • an overview of the markets available on the platform;
  • terms of trade;
  • Contact details.

Next to the menu is the registration / login button and the choice of language. Below the menu is a typical slider with benefits and a key action button - start trading.

Under the heading are the advantages of working with DealerNets, and below are instructions for registering.

Further, developers give additional benefits of working with the platform. Among them is the promise that all quotes displayed on the screens of users - 100% are real.

Economic news and information about account types are published below.

The footer makes a strong statement that the activities of DealerNets are carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Cyprus Commission and other regulatory authorities.

At the very bottom is given the address, copyright and an indication that the site is protected by an SSL certificate.

Unfortunately, we could not find any information about swaps and spreads, as well as other educational materials. There is no opportunity to work on a demo account here. But a good broker always takes care of his clients and their education.

By the way, we have a lot of interesting articles on our website from which you can learn a lot of useful information about trading. For example, here is an article about How can a beginner make money with binary options?

Expertise of legal information, DealerNets licenses

We immediately check the legal address. However, even Google does not know any information about the Flat 79x Cameron Rue New Tyler W10 6DY.

DealerNets Reviews
DealerNet cards


Information about licenses, the broker gives on a separate page. It publishes a large list of regulators and license numbers that the company allegedly has. For example, DealerNets claims to have a document from the Cyprus Securities Commission. We checked this information, but found no data.

DealerNets Reviews
DealerNets license check


Based on this, we conclude that other regulators also do not know about the existence of DealerNets.

The company also claims that it has been on the market for more than 4 years. While the domain age verification data shows that the office has just appeared.


DealerNets Reviews
DealerNets Whois


Well, and the last - in the "contacts" section there is a fake phone number.


DealerNets Reviews
DealerNets phone verification


You can only speak with DealerNets representatives through the feedback form. Thus, in which case, it will not work to find this office.

Features of the work of DealerNets. Tools and conditions for traders

For their mice clients, the broker offers this cheese:

  • 24/7 expert support;
  • registration in three steps;
  • 250+ trading instruments;
  • cooperation with a broker, whose activities are controlled by eminent regulators;
  • absolute security of funds;
  • customization of functionality by choosing the type of account.

To get started, the trader will have to replenish the trading account. There are three types of deposits to choose from, the value of which is based on the principle “the more the better”. The initial "fee" is 150 USD. The maximum deposit is from 10 thousand USD. Medium - 1000 USD

The broker also offers a huge leverage, up to 1:500, which already indicates that you have a one-day project in front of you that wants to pump all the money out of you. Other “bonuses” include deposit insurance, instant order execution, etc.

All this, no doubt, can attract profit hunters in the financial markets. However, the above information, as well as the abundance of negative reviews on the network, cross out all the declared "goodies" with a bold, red line.

Real customer reviews DealerNets

Many users who fall for the sweet promises of quick money at DealerNets say that the platform offered by the broker is nowhere near as professional as they describe. Constant bugs, slow work, blocking will not let you trade normally. The promised services are not provided, and as soon as you stop sponsoring these crooks, they block you or start feeding you “breakfasts”.

DealerNets Reviews

DealerNets Reviews
DealerNets Reviews

DealerNets Reviews

If you have become victims of DealerNets scams, leave comments below this article. Perhaps it is your review that will help someone prevent a huge mistake, which, no joke, can reshape their whole life.

DealerNets User Fraud Scheme

The DealerNets project was created by a team of experienced crooks. These are “lohoexperts”, “dialers”, programmers who form a whole conveyor for brainwashing and swindling newcomers out of money.

By purchasing an age domain, DealerNets pretends to be an experienced, time-tested office that is able to provide its clients with the best trading conditions. However, in reality, after the victim's money gets on the balance of these swindlers, it is drained in the dirtiest way.

DealerNets has prepared a whole range of fraudulent methods for its customers. These are pseudo-expert support, fake charts, fictitious services, psychological methods of influence. All this was created with only one purpose - to make the victim lose the money already invested and make new investments.

Such projects usually collapse as soon as they get a certain amount of negative reviews, and the conversion of visitors to active sources of income will be reduced. But no matter how long such a site lives, you will no longer see your money.


After analyzing the DealerNets resource, we identified the following signs of fraud:

  • fake legal address, inaccurate phone number;
  • false information about the availability of licenses;
  • false data about the age of the company;
  • lack of training information, demo account;
  • low-quality, uninformative site;
  • false benefits, non-existent services.

Thus, DealerNets is not a broker at all, but a dangerous attraction from experienced swindlers who have come up with an effective tool for "divorcing" newbies.

If you have become a victim of DealerNets or other black brokers, and want to return your lost investment - leave your mail in the form at the beginning of the article. We will send you a step-by-step, illustrated plan of action to take in this situation.

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