BNB-PROFITUP IS A SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

Crypto trading of the future, profitable strategies for making money today, easy and profitable trading - all this is promised to us by the BNB-PROFITUP broker, which in this review we will break down literally by bones. At the end, you will find a reasoned conclusion about whether it is worth chasing easy money and trusting these guys with your investments.

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BNB PROFITUP. General information

Broker's main website:

Trustorg rating:

BNB-PROFITUP reviews scam

Site analysis

We have seen a huge number of fake broker sites, but BNB-PROFITUP exceeded all our expectations. We have not seen a more meager and uninformative resource even among black brokers, not that adequate companies would have.

The low quality of the site is also indicated by its assessment from an independent service:

BNB-PROFITUP reviews scam
BNB-PROFITUP website valuation

The site menu includes only three sections:

  • about company;
  • contacts;
  • Login Registration.

Below the menu bar is a header with a call to action, but without the annoying sign up button. There are also logos of the main cryptocurrency assets that the broker offers to work with its clients.

Below, the company publishes a counter of its achievements, and then another call - to invest from any device and at a convenient time.

At the end there is an instruction for getting started in BNB-PROFITUP.

The footer contains logos of well-known payment systems, AML policy documents, confidential data (at the same time, for some reason, the broker provides a document that is issued to beneficiaries upon registration) and a risk warning, also with the logo of the registration authority.

That's all. The office did not bother to provide information about deposits, services, and even the benefits that lohobrokerage firms like to advertise so much. The Exchange Business and the like. Let's try to go through other sections, and extract at least some adequate data from there.

Expertise of legal information, BNB-PROFITUP licenses

Things are even more interesting with the official information of the BNB-PROFITUP office, which are scattered across different sections of their website. So, in the “about the company” section, we see a huge screen of a company registration certificate in the UK. However, when we went to the website of the State Register of the United Kingdom, we could not find any mention of the office in question in their database. Data, both on the number of the certificate and on the name of the company, are not available.

BNB-PROFITUP reviews scam
BNB-PROFITUP state registry data
BNB-PROFITUP reviews scam
BNB-PROFITUP state registry data

In the "Contacts" section of BNB-PROFITUP, two addresses are given - in the USA and Moscow. About the first, foreign, Google knows nothing. We tried to break it this way and that, but 105th Avenue in New York just doesn't exist. There is a 6th, there is a 5th. But the 105th is not.

BNB-PROFITUP reviews scam
BNB-PROFITUP google map data

As for the Russian address, it really is the world-famous Moscow City business center, in particular the North Tower. They just forgot to mention BNB-PROFITUP in the list of organizations. And most likely they are simply not there.

BNB-PROFITUP reviews scam

The phone number that the broker indicates as contacts for technical support has negative feedback from users, judging by which, it belongs to scammers.

BNB-PROFITUP reviews scam
BNB-PROFITUP phone number verification

On the main page, the broker claims that its activities are controlled by the Cyprus Securities Commission and assets (even the correct name of the regulator could not be written). But, of course, these are just words. Because an anonymous company cannot have any licenses from regulators, including the Russian one.

BNB-PROFITUP reviews scam

For dessert - the age of the project. According to Whois, the domain on which the site is located was registered in September 2021.

BNB-PROFITUP reviews scam

And this does not fit with the information that the company provides on the main page. More than 3.5 thousand active traders, a huge turnover measured in hundreds of thousands of dollars, as well as at least 3 years of work - all this is a blatant lie, like all the rest of the information from these scammers.

BNB-PROFITUP reviews scam

In addition, every experienced trader knows that contacting offices that have existed for less than a year and have not proven their worth and integrity is a sure way to lose money.

Features of the work of the company BNB-PROFITUP. Tools and conditions for traders

BNB-PROFITUP offers its clients investments in cryptocurrency with a minimum profit of 23%. Among other "goodies":

  • risk diversification through specially designed investment portfolios and fixed orders;
  • work with a fully regulated, officially registered company;
  • years of experience;
  • innovative, adaptive trading platform for any device;
  • convenient, safe ways to replenish an account, withdraw money.

However, as the result of the analysis of official information showed us: BNB-PROFITUP is nothing more than a rainbow soap bubble that will burst any day along with the money of naive investors.

Real customer reviews BNB-PROFITUP

We could not find any mention of the activities of the BNB-PROFITUP office on the network. This once again proves that the information on the broker's website is false. Since 2017, they clearly would have received at least some feedback.

BNB-PROFITUP reviews scam

If you have become victims of BNB-PROFITUP scams, leave comments below this article. Perhaps it is your review that will save someone from losing money.

BNB-PROFITUP User Fraud Scheme

Based on the results of checking the legal and other relevant information about BNB-PROFITUP, we can understand that we have a classic black broker who eats other people's money for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This means that the scheme of divorce of traders will be the same typical for him.

Such offices look for potential victims on job search sites, resources and groups on social networks dedicated to trading and making money on the Internet. Further, by deceptive methods, colorful stories about successful success and psychological manipulation, the victim is lured to the resource and created for her the illusion of "easy money".

Intoxicated with a thirst for profit, inexperienced traders agree to invest real money in the project. And as soon as this happens, the platform abruptly starts to glitch, technical support ignores all requests, and the trader watches how quickly his account turns into a pumpkin.

Another option is the opportunity to trade on a free account with a real withdrawal. In this case, the scammers use drawing a positive account balance, animating profitable trades, and then asking for an insurance/withdrawal fee in the amount of the earned (drawn) money, which supposedly will be returned to the account along with the withdrawal.

Be that as it may, such projects have nothing to do with real trade. And no matter what you do, you definitely won’t see money there.


On the BNB-PROFITUP website, we found the following signs of scam brokerage projects:

  • fake certificate of registration in the UK;
  • lack of mention of the company in the database of regulators, including the Central Bank of the Russian Federation;
  • lack of feedback on the work of the company in the network;
  • complaints about fraud, spam by phone;
  • false information about the location of the organization's headquarters, work experience, company income;
  • non-unique, non-informative site with low cost;
  • small age of existence of the organization in the market.

From all this, the conclusion suggests itself - from us for BNB-PROFITUP - an unambiguous dislike and a wish to quickly go to the trash, where they, apparently, came from.

From us to you - a strict warning against any financial relationship with this broker.

If you have become a victim of BNB-PROFITUP or other black brokers and want to get your hard-earned money back, leave your mail in the form at the beginning of the article. We will send you a step-by-step, illustrated plan of action to take.

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