Bolton Associates FRAUD reviews and withdrawals

Bolton Associates FRAUD reviews and withdrawals

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A trading service called Bolton Associates, whose activities will be the subject of today's article, tries, in her own words, to fully satisfy the financial as well as trading needs of her clients, providing them with an abundance of professional, as well as quite effective opportunities for this. Under such a beautiful sauce, the broker Bolton Associates sells its services, also referring to its competence and credibility, but in fact, it’s not so difficult to find out, just by studying its activities in a little more detail, Bolton Associates scammer and an impudent swindler who not so long ago began to work in the market, or rather, to deceive naive and gullible customers, robbing them before even starting a full-fledged cooperation. It is in this vein that today's review will be, but first you should take a closer look at all the basic characteristics of this service.      Contact Bolton Associates

  • Email address: Email address is being protected from spambots. Javascript must be enabled in your browser to view the address.
  • Contact phone number: +44 1273 929233
  • Project registered address: 40 Frederick Pl, Brighton BN1 4EA
  • This section also provides the opportunity to request a call back from representatives of the specified project. 

Website overview bolton-a.comAlthough the indicated resource at first glance seems to be a fairly good site with a pleasant visual design, in fact, it was developed in a few minutes on the knee, using standard templates of the most popular one-day projects on the market, which have already been mentioned more than once in various reviews on the site, and not in the most positive way. As for the information content of the presented resource, the situation here is no better, because instead of high-quality and really detailed data, the specified service presents its customers with an abundance of water and false provisions for review, which significantly exceed the number of real achievements of this service, as well as the veracity of its performance indicators, which only emphasizes the incompetence and lack of professionalism in the list of qualities of the specified service.          Bolton Associates Broker Conditions

  • convenient and fairly simple tools that will significantly improve the overall trading process of clients;
  • round-the-clock user support by the best specialists in the trading field;
  • an abundance of trading charts available for use, as well as investment statistics;
  • the minimum deposit fee to start trading activities should be 150$;
  • clients are provided with several available trading accounts that are suitable for use by beginners and already quite experienced investors;
  • no high commissions or hidden fees;
  • an affordable opportunity to insure your investments;
  • the presence of the following areas for investment: cryptocurrency, stocks, indices, commodities, metals, as well as a number of others;
  • affordable investment in PAMM accounts;
  • multilevel referral program;
  • available bonuses, as well as promotions within the loyalty program;
  • Extensive training available for all users who are either unsure of themselves or want to significantly improve their trading skills.     

Bolton Associates FRAUD reviews and withdrawals


Bolton Associates exposed

Firstly, in order to be convinced of the poor quality and non-professionalism of this service, you should pay attention to a number of responses addressed to it, which fully reveal all the shortcomings of the Bolton Associates project. In particular, these include unprofessional training, as well as the lack of a full understanding among the representatives of the office regarding how the market actually works. Secondly, it is also important to mention such a section that the site provides on its website as Accreditation and license. It is quite obvious that all the necessary legal documents and provisions should be located here, thanks to which it would be possible to assert that the Bolton Associates site is indeed a legitimate and high-quality brokerage project, but in fact, Bolton Associates only describes its partners, also for their benefit to the office, there is nothing more useful in this section, which only once again proves the absence of real reasons to cooperate with this project.    


How to withdraw money from Bolton Associates

Taking into account the absolute absence of any interest of the specified project in the profit of its users, as well as paying attention to Bolton Associates reviews, in which there is an abundance of references regarding the inefficiency and inefficiency of this site, one can come to one single conclusion regarding the fact that the site Bolton Associates not withdrawing money and didn't intend to do that in the first place.                                                                         


Summarizing all the provisions mentioned in this review, as well as analyzing a fairly large number of extremely negative characteristics of the Bolton Associates project, which have a significant impact on the trading activity of traders, we advise you to stay as far away from this office as possible and not succumb to its supposedly promising and promising provocations.      


Possibility withdraw money with Bolton Associates not confirmed.


Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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