Bank master reviews —

Bank master reviews —

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Bank master is an economic game from scammers who claim that you can earn money here.

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Bank-master – reviews

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Technical part of Bank master:

Bank master is an economic game created on the basis of investors' deposits under a unique program. The project has existed for a very short time, a few weeks, but by the beginning of March 2023, more than 6 thousand active players were registered. Players earn by investing in various tariffs offered by the economic game.

Bank master reviews —

The project has several tariffs. The most minimal tariff - basic - works from 100 rubles. The yield on it is 130%. Further, the Standard tariff, where the opening of an account is from 1000 rubles. Profitability - 150%.

The following tariffs go higher, the larger the amount of investments, the higher the profitability. You can increase your already high earnings by participating in an affiliate program. High referral deposits mean higher interest on the balance.

Project participants can count on receiving support at any time of the day. For communication there is an e-mail and a feedback form. The staff of the Bank master project does everything to avoid conflicts of interest. Accounts are segregated, it is impossible to drain a deposit from them. The privacy policy works.

The project exists within the framework of the law, it has registration, it is licensed. To start cooperation, you need to register in your personal account, select any tariff, replenish your account. You can start playing. Only it is not clear what to play in order to earn. The scammers are silent about this.

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Bank master reviews —

Bank master exposure:

A typical scam, from which you should run, sparkling with your heels. The project has been working and it’s true for only a few weeks, but the scammers have turned down with numbers and statistics. They came up with too high figures, but do not document this in any way. And this is one of the signs of a scam. The next sign is invented investment proposals.

Not a single super duper economic game will offer such interest on deposits, and will also explain how it is worth working so that the effect of this is real. But we see a site where everything and nothing. Swindlers do not say on what basis earnings are built, what the game is about, what needs to be done to make the project really work.

They only take the money, but there are no game offers.
Next, we see that the project is completely anonymous. He does not disclose any information about himself. No one knows who its founders are, what experience its founders have, whether they have any experience at all. No one is going to provide proof of their qualifications.

The project does not have a license, although it claims the opposite. No regulator has issued a permit to conduct financial activities. The project has no registration. It is not known whether this is a Russian project or is located in an offshore zone. If the project is offshore, then it will be incredibly difficult to reach out to its organizers so that justice will prevail.

Bank master reviews —

Of the contacts, only email, but for a proven legal project, this is very small. The project works only to withdraw money from the accounts of its customers. Users think that they are opening accounts, but it turns out that they are replenishing the wallet of scammers. Those provide them with false figures about earnings. But it's impossible to get them out.

Feedback about the project:

Bank master gets a lot of feedback in a short time of its existence. Clients note that there is no income, only sheer fraud, no support, money cannot be withdrawn.


Bank master is a scam!

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Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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