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The brokerage office, which we will talk about today, is another attempt by impudent swindlers to lure funds out of the wallets of their naive and gullible clients who are able to believe in anything, as long as they are promised a quick profit and the most comfortable trading conditions. In this article, we will consider, in addition to the basic characteristics of this site, also its main disadvantages and positive aspects, which we will try to find, because given the negative reputation, there are very few of them.    

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AFLPlanning Contacts

In order to directly contact the presented site, there are only two ways: via e-mail Email address is being protected from spambots. Javascript must be enabled in your browser to view the address., or by filling out the feedback form. AFLPlanning


Website review aflplanning.comThe site of the presented service looks quite simple. This project used the most banal template, cheap design and the most common phrases, which do not give out the highest quality of this broker. The information on the site is presented as concisely as possible, any details can be obtained solely from one's own experience and users will not receive anything really concrete by familiarizing themselves with this resource. The only plus of the presented site is its simple and not complicated by any additional functions interface, which, in principle, even a child can figure out, but this does not cover all the disadvantages that this resource has.      

Broker conditions AFLPlanning

The office provided its users with the following opportunities in terms of trading:

  • a huge number of popular assets, such as: stocks, indices, currency pairs, commodities, as well as access to the Forex market;
  • the office has developed its own platform called AFLPlanning Webtrader, which will allow traders to effectively trade in the markets from anywhere in the world;
  • traders can seek help from the best specialists in this field, namely experienced analysts, as well as other employees specializing in the previously mentioned markets;
  • three types of trading accounts, Beginner, Pro, and Expert;
  • the minimum deposit to start trading is 250€;
  • the office presents a fully automated mechanism for processing trade requests;
  • the latest news regarding changes in the trading environment will systematically appear on the site;
  • for users, as additional tools, an economic calendar is presented, as well as a profitability calculator that will allow you to calculate further profit with an approximate deposit;
  • spreads from 1.3 points;
  • leverage from 1:50;
  • the company also provides users with training videos that explain all the details of the trading process;
  • The office uses SSL protection, which will prevent hacking and hacker attacks on the project. AFLPlanning


Exposing AFLPlanning

This project is trying with all its might, using beautiful and promising promises, to attract the attention of naive as well as gullible users and discover their wallets in order to be able to profit freely and thus finance their further frauds. Company AFLPlanning scammer and scammer, which proves just a huge number of different provisions, namely:

The reputation of the project, and more specifically, then AFLPlanning reviews, which are filled with user negatives, show the real face of this platform. If we talk about specifics, then for the most part, clients complain about the weak technical component of the trading platform, as well as systematic malfunctions and malfunctions in the trading terminal. In addition, users also notice other shortcomings of the project, namely the negligence of its employees, ignoring trader requests, frequent refusals to perform certain operations, malfunctions in payment systems.

As for such an important component as the documentation basis for the activities of the presented project, in this regard, everything is quite simple - it simply does not exist. No matter how much this site would like, leaving such a section on its website as regulation, to lull the vigilance of users, it did not succeed, at least now, because after reading all the papers presented, it became obvious that all of them are not genuine, which means that they do not have any legal force and it is simply impossible to consider them as significant evidence of the reliability and legality of this platform.         


How to withdraw money from AFLPlanning

Considering how and in what direction the presented platform works, expect a profit - non-functioning payment terminals, as well as the lack of real access to financial markets, are proof of this. Also, to understand that the office AFLPlanning does not withdraw money, you just need to get acquainted with the trading results of users, which they presented in their responses.                 


Summing up all the provisions we mentioned in this article, as well as comparing other reviews on, it is not difficult to conclude that this project is the most common and cheapest, whose activities are aimed at obtaining their own benefit, but not at all to ensure its clients with professional trading tools, as well as helping to improve their financial condition.    


Possibility withdraw money with AFL Planning not confirmed.


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