Accuindex - I received an SMS with a confirmation code, what is it?

The creators of Accuindex send SMS with a confirmation code to the telephone databases of customers bought on the black market. This is such a new way to attract to your site They hope that someone who sees their ad will go to the site and leave their data there after registration. If you received an SMS from Accuindex, then you are probably interested in what will happen next after registering on the site - read this article to the end.

Accuindex - I received an SMS with a confirmation code, what is it?

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Accuindex - a scam or a new way to make money?

Today, stock, commodity, fiat, commodity and crypto markets are available to any user. This explains the constant appearance on the Internet of fraudulent projects that supposedly offer brokerage services, but in fact embezzle the money of gullible people. Another reason for frequent fraudulent projects is the lack of information among Russian users. If we consider the negative reviews about Accuindex, it becomes clear that the site considered in the article affects both one and the other reason. Many users on third-party sites and forums ask how to withdraw money from Accuindex, which immediately leads to suspicion: is it really a reliable brokerage company, as it positions itself?

Let's consider whether the negative reviews about Accuindex really have an objective basis. Although the presence of negative reviews is already a reason to seriously think about it. After all, proven and well-known brokerage companies overwhelmingly have positive reviews and very few neutral ones. If there is a negative, then the representatives of the company immediately get in touch with the dissatisfied client and quickly solve the problem.

Let's determine why we came to the conclusion that the hero of today's review is a scam:

  • SMS messages from Accuindex are lured to an unknown site - as a rule, only scammers deal with such spam.
  • Both the design of the site and the content are on a weak C mark. The content is uninformative, contains only empty promises of high income. And the site design is template, which is often found on similar fraudulent projects.
  • Work experience. In the “About the Company” section, the administration claims that it has been operating in the brokerage services market since 2009, while the real age of the domain is only a few minutes.
  • Juristic documents. There are no license acts on the site that could confirm the validity of the documents. Already at this stage, we can make a clear conclusion that the hero of our review is an ordinary scam.
  • Contacts. This section contains only a dubious email and phone number. Such contacts do not correspond to the status of an international trading platform, as the site administration positions itself.
  • Legal address. If you google it, it immediately becomes clear that this address contains many other fraudulent projects that we and other users have long classified as scams.

It becomes clear that this is a common scam, but now we need to figure out how the owners of the resource are cheating gullible users for money.

How Accuindex makes money by sending SMS to its customers

Judging by the numerous negative reviews about Accuindex, the owners of the resource simply take money from people - this is the scheme of their "earnings". The main and main task is to lure the user to your site by sending an SMS message with a confirmation code from Accuindex. As soon as a person registers a personal account and replenishes the balance by at least the minimum amount, a painted terminal appears in front of him, which shows allegedly successful trading. The user gets excited, replenishes the balance again and again, and then, when he is saturated with high “profit” and decides to withdraw money, he is faced with an immediate blocking of the account. A person cannot even contact the administration of the resource, since the owners of the scam project do not leave any opportunity for feedback. Of course, who wants to deal with indignant deceived people?


Thus, we can safely confirm the reality of negative reviews about Accuindex. All the facts we found prove that we have yet another site of scammers: there are no licenses, contacts are dubious and used by many other scam projects (including the legal address), the domain exists for a couple of months. Be careful and prudent: Accuindex - 100% SCAMproject, as we have just seen.

How to withdraw money from Accuindex broker?

If you have been deceived at Accuindex, there is a chance to get back up to 100% of your amount by contacting our partners for help - specialists in the return of international payments from dubious projects - pseudo-brokers, financial pyramids and even casinos. Leave your details in the form below and specialists will contact you to resolve the issue.

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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