300500.live FRAUD reviews and withdrawal of money

300500.live FRAUD reviews and withdrawal of money

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The company 300500.live, which this article will be about, is an example of a fairly common type of fraudulent services, about dozens of which you can find articles on be-top.org, which in reality are nothing special, but in words they are the leading brokerage companies that allegedly have huge success in this area, but absolutely cannot confirm this in any way, therefore their target audience is green and maximally naive customers who simply cannot consider fraud and extremely negative intentions in all actions of the presented service. Specifically, from today's article, we will talk about the main provisions that prove the selfish goals of this office, as well as its lack of any desire to help its clients improve their financial condition.         Company contacts 300500.live

On its resource, this project did not provide a single, even the most banal, type of feedback form, option that could allow customers to directly contact representatives of this project and find out all the details they need.

Site review 300500.liveA few words will suffice to describe the appearance and design of the company's web resource, since all that is provided by this service is a one-page banner with two links to the registration procedure and access to your personal account, as well as a plate with a possible change of language into Russian and English . It is simply impossible to call this site corresponding to the declared status of a high-quality and influential office, because it does not even have any standard information about the main offers and services of this service, not to mention really important provisions regarding, for example, the legality of the company.             Broker conditions 300500.live

Since the service itself does not disclose its basic and accessible terms of cooperation, you can find out about them by studying the reviews about the office 300500.live, in which the ex-customers of the site mention a number of those provisions that are allegedly guaranteed by this service initially, to attract the attention of users and this looks like list as follows:

  • a fairly versatile and rather primitive trading platform with all the necessary features for professional trading;
  • minimum commission fees;
  • a fairly extensive list of trading assets available to clients, ranging from stocks and indices to metals and commodities;
  • a fairly competent support service that works around the clock;
  • a number of trading accounts, which are divided according to the levels of training of clients;
  • quite loyal deposits;
  • the availability of training that allows you to consult and take online seminars with the most experienced and professional specialists in the trade sector;
  • enough professional and plentiful toolkit;
  • the presence of such additional tools as an economic calendar, as well as a profitability calculator;
  • multi-level referral program;
  • fully automated platform operation principle;
  • the presence of a news feed with detailed descriptions of the latest changes in the financial sector.


Exposing the company 300500.live

In fact, despite some anonymity that is inherent in this service, it is still possible, and using rather primitive methods and data, to convict the office of its fraud. To begin with, it is worth considering the question of the real age of this project, since in its legend the presented office mentions considerable experience, but in reality, which can prove the domain name of the office, as well as dating the first comments left in its address, the presented service began its full functioning only a few months ago, and this automatically puts her not in the best position as a previously declared successful and professional broker, since she simply could not physically deserve such a status.       


How to withdraw money from 300500.live

Quite obvious and quite expected is the provision that the office 300500.live does not withdraw money, because given its real intentions, as well as the absence of any additional sources of income for the company, it is simply impossible to carry out this procedure, because it will literally bankrupt an already cheap office and prevent her from achieving her primary goals of filling her pockets.                                                                           


Considering all the previously mentioned provisions and rather negative aspects of this service, it is quite obvious that the project 300500.live scammer and scammer, which simply cannot call itself a successful and high-quality brokerage service, because it has no reason to.           


Possibility withdraw money with "300500 live" not confirmed.


Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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