1cashu ru reviews, sms from 1cashu ru

1cashu ru reviews, sms from 1cashu ru

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1cashu.ru - a new project helps users forget about money problems. The company's offers are considered profitable in comparison with similar HYIPs. It is possible to get an online loan with zero fees.

General information
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• of. website: http://1cashu.ru/
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Description of the project 1cashu.ru

The main page of the unique HYIP is uninformative. The developers claim that cooperation with the company will allow to solve financial problems within a few minutes.

To receive a loan, users must leave an application on the site. It is also possible to calculate the interest rate using an online calculator. There is no other information on the official website.

In Internet resources, interested parties claim that the development and maintenance of the project are carried out by professionals with experience in the banking sector. In fact, the company conducts intermediary activities. It allows you to profitably find offers that can solve money problems.

If necessary, clients can take advantage of consulting support. The basic rules for using HYIP are written at the bottom of the official website, available to unregistered participants.

1cashu ru reviews, sms from 1cashu ru

Technical part 

You can get a loan in the project after official registration. To do this, you must leave an application with the requirement of the required amount of money. The minimum and maximum loan is 1000 and 60000 rubles. The 1cashu.ru company is designed for Russian-speaking users. He tries his best to satisfy the needs of his clients.

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Verified earnings Our Telegram channel The decision to grant a loan is made quickly. According to the developers, most of them are accepted positively. Money is transferred to the account of clients or in other ways convenient for them.

Loans are provided by MFIs for juices from 1 day to a year. Interest rates vary depending on the type of company. Commissions can be 0% and 657% per annum.

The company works with real adult clients. Requires the provision of reliable documents and information about the location of the project participant.

The essence of divorce in the 1cashu.ru project

The audit of the company made it possible to identify dubious points that, by signs, resemble a scam. The project is young to provide such conditions and opportunities. Does not inspire confidence in the provision of loans at zero interest.

The company does not provide legal and contact information. The absence of permits confirms the conduct of illegal activities. Cooperation with such companies is dangerous for equity.

The service is not an MIFO, does not have the right to provide intermediary services due to illegal activities. He should not be trusted. Consulting support on the site is not conducted.

1cashu ru reviews, sms from 1cashu ru

The company hides information about the composition of the team, tries to avoid such questions. Communicates with clients via email. Designed to hang noodles on your ears.

The company illegally collects personal data of participants. then use them for their own purposes. Cooperation with the company is fraught with serious interest rates.

Before entering into cooperation, do not forget to use the online calculator, consult with specialists, study the reviews of former clients of the office.

Pros consider the project suspicious and risky. With an irresponsible attitude, you can get into a debt hole for a long time.

User comments 

The majority of clients recommend forgetting about the project and its proposals. There is no benefit to them. It is not known where the additional payments and interest rates come from. Admin consultation does not provide answers to questions. Employees recommend that you carefully study the user agreement. It turns out that this project is a common swindler.


1cashu.ru - a scam site created to replenish their own accounts and pockets with users' money. There is no free money. Cooperation with a fraudster proves this fact.

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Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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