Coin TOR & exchanger

A new cryptocurrency based on para mining.

Our goal: simplicity, convenience and safety.

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An example of premining, with a standard percentage of growth 0.45


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TOR sale


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TOR — cryptocurrency of the new time

We are now working on the platform WAVES
Clicking on link you just go on an auction for the coin TORCorp

Advantages coins TOR

over other coins on the market


TOR uses a unique technology of premining providing a reward in the form of coins TOR depending on its amount in your wallet.

Premining work in the wallets with a balance above 1TOR.

Immediate translation

Coins TOR transferred to the beneficiary's account in 1 minute, regardless of the number of concurrent transactions on the network.

Each transfer can be encrypted with a comment that is visible only to the sender and the recipient.


For the safety of your funds in the wallets of TOR, the system of using one-time passwords via e-mail, or SMS 2FA.

TOR Corporation assumes all responsible for the safety of your funds connected with the protection of SMS.

Private exchange

In the user's personal account will be native multi-currency support, where each owner TOR will be able to buy or sell currency at interest market rate.

The Commission on buying and selling coins on the exchange will be only of 0.01% per transaction.

Referral program

To promote the cryptocurrency TOR will be developed 595-level referral program. At the moment, sold 10 referral levels.

Low Commission

The Commission, with the sending and receiving of coins varies from 0.000001 to 0.01 coins TOR.

The Commission in the TOR network is the lowest, even when compared with other cryptocurrencies.

Full integration with VISA

Each purse TOR will be connected to Bank a VISA card that allows you to withdraw or Deposit cash in any Bank and make purchases in stores.

Read more about the currency TOR
its benefits and features.

Development plan TOR


The launch of prepaymania will operate until the sale 1 538 500 coins, price reguliruetsya demand. The approximate expiry time of 1 month. Achieved 12.08.2018


Development of applications for Android, iOS and other operating systems is planned for June-July 2019.


Develop and implement their own blockchain. Roughly 6 months after launch of the website.


The launch of the Beta version of the website. After full development of the site will be announced the official launch of the Platform Achieved 21.12.2018


After running the blockchain and the company of the contract on service of Bank cards TOR attached directly to the purse.


The opening of the company TOR. The date of sending of documents for the establishment of the company is scheduled for 2019.


In the countries where it will apply credit card, will open branches of the company TOR.


The introduction of the payment system, TOR all countries scheduled for the end of 2020.


The launch of the platforms in English is scheduled for early 2020.

Referral bonuses

from paramignya in purses followers to 10 levels deep.


First level +3%

The second level +1%

The third level +0.10%

The fourth level +0.01%

The fifth and next +0.01%

The trading volume of top 10 cryptocurrencies


$6 045 569 079


$2 992 565 288


$4 465 433 050


/$72 459 525


/$147 462 937


/$257 950 990


/$368 588 202


/$538 374 298


/$721 986 900


/$843 853 141

Five steps and you are in TOR



Sign up in the dashboard — TOR



To protect and create the wallets to work.



To purchase coins to increase the speed of premining.



You are buying selling, exchange of all known cryptocurrencies.



Invite partners and earn extra income through the referral program.

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✅✅✅Changes in payment systems

✅✅✅Changes in payment systems
➡️ Commissions; Top-up 0%, Exchange 5%, Internal transfer 1%, Withdrawal - floating percentage (from 0% to 5%)
🔵 Payments work in all directions, the time for payments is from 5 minutes (depends on the available funds on the payment)
🔵Be careful when making a payment and choose what is more convenient for you on commissions

P.S. Changes made due to exchange rate differences on many exchanges

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✅✅✅News in the game L2TOR:

✅✅✅News in the game L2TOR:
🔵 Events are running on the server:
➡️tvt (team vs team) - reward 1 coin
➡️ctf (flag capture) - reward 1 coin
➡️last hero (last hero) reward 1 coin and heroism for 1 day (before the character’s relay)
➡️ updated patch - now it is possible to install on your client
➡️ updated geodata (there are fewer failures)

✅ Sincerely, the L2TORcorp team

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✅✅✅ Dear friends! We launched MBT Lineage II Interlude server

✅✅✅ Dear friends! We launched MBT Lineage II Interlude server
🔵 server site
🔵How to start the game?
- download the client with the installed patch
unzip game client
-do registration (the password must not contain characters-! "No.;%:? * () _)
-file for launching the game is located in the "system" folder called l2.exe
-create a character and call him whatever you like!
-After the MBT is completed, the character remains the most active players, and will not be deleted
- Also, bonuses in the form of gaming values ​​/ TOP coins / premium account for 7 days will be provided

The game test will last until 11/18/19, after 11/18/19 to 11/21/19 the server will be closed to work on errors and the official launch of the game will be announced from 11/22/19

P.S. During the game test: when creating a new character, the TOP NG ammunition set and weapons will be automatically added

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✅ What did you manage to accomplish from the nearest plans

✅ What did you manage to accomplish from the nearest plans
➡️ Refinement and official launch of Chat and Bucks on the site (due to the change of the programmers team, this part moved to the month of November)
➡️Preparing for TOR's birthday (The first birthday went well, the first coins were awarded, in November we began sending out Silver and Gold coins to the copyright holders. Bronze was replaced with Silver, so instead of bronze coins, recipients will receive Silver coins)
➡️Development and launch of a loyalty program for referralists, multi-level bonuses (The first part of the Bonus program is launched and is already working, in November Structural Bonuses will be added to this program. And you can also get Exclusive TOR Silver and Gold coins under this program)
➡️Preparation and launch of the Bounty program to attract new Founders (The Bounty program is up and running)
➡️Launch of the Entertainment part:
  connecting your own TOR Casino (due to the change in the team of programmers, this part has moved to the month of November)
  Development of an online game ... (An online game is ready. The launch of the game site is scheduled for 11/06/19, the game server itself will be launched on 11/08/19)
➡️ Refinement of the application with optimization for entrepreneurs (accepting TOR payments with reporting) (This part is still in preparation for launch)
➡️Training for the opening of the first consulting centers in the Russian Federation (This part is scheduled for the month of November)

🔵New parts of the plans will be posted within a couple of days

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✅ Dividends of 20 704 415 TOR paid.

✅ Dividends of 20 704 415 TOR paid.
✅Total amount is left for every 1 TOR + 0.1394 TOR
✅ Dividends received 29 people

🔵Next dividends will be November 30, new millionaires wishing to receive dividends must inform about their desire to receive dividends until November 15 inclusive, after the 15th you can get payments only for the next reporting period.

❇️ Starting in September, the Administration selects applicants to the Board of Directors, according to the following criteria: the higher the TOR balance, the more chances to get on the Board of Directors, the maximum number of seats on the board is 10 people. Preliminary lists of applicants to the council are published in the chat of millionaires.

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✅Today, from 00-00 Moscow time, during the passage of the site move, there will be an open vote on the appearance of TOR on new exchanges

✅Today, from 00-00 Moscow time, during the passage of the site move, there will be an open vote on the appearance of TOR on new exchanges

Follow the news in the telegram channel and in the telegram chat

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✅08/11/2019 - Opening its OBT server game Lineage 2 20:00 GMT✅

✅08/11/2019 - Opening its OBT server game Lineage 2 20:00 GMT✅

open RMT exchange to output TORcorp through the website

1 000 000 adena = 1000 TORcorp

EXP/SP - 3x
EXP/SP -2x Raid Bosses/ 3x-Grand Bosses
Seal Stone drop rate 1.5 x
drop quest items - 1x
awards for manor 1x

Safe sharpening +3
Max +16 Weapon/ +14 Armor/ +14 Jewelry
Chance sharpening 58%

1/2 profession FOR TORcorp
3rd profession quest full

Sub-class and the nobility:
Sub-Class - complete the quest

GM Shop:
Things to "C" grade - sold by OUR coin TOR

Clan system:
When you create a clan created 1 level
Penalty after leaving clan 1 day
The maximum number of clan members - 45

Time command /unstuck 5 minutes
In every monster drops-added silver coin/bronze coin
Silver/bronze coin can be exchanged for TORcorp and bring yourself to the personal Cabinet/exchange

From the start of all Epic Bosses are dead.

in the Epic of raidbosses added drop TORcorp from 10-100(chance drop random)

The ability to buy and sell accessories for TORcorp

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✅✅✅Today 10/29/19 from 00-00 Moscow time, the site will be unavailable in connection with the move to a new hosting.

✅✅✅Today 10/29/19 from 00-00 Moscow time, the site will be unavailable in connection with the move to a new hosting.
🔵Also, the site will use constantly changing IP addresses, thereby creating difficulties for DDOS terrorists. The site will return to normal approximately 12 hours after the move.
✅ We apologize for the difficulties in the site.

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✅✅✅TOR Corporation News

🔵Today there was DDOS again, as it became known not simple, but custom - apparently competitors are constantly thinking about how to annoy us. This happened just at the moment when the old team of programmers was changing to a new team. DDOS was repulsed by a new team of programmers and now, according to the plan, everything that we have hung up in our work will be handled by a new composition of programmers. We apologize for the inconvenience.
🔵 A little later, the Announcement of the First online game will be announced (we will also announce the next games) for TOR with the possibility of earning TOR right in the game.

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