Coin TOR & exchanger

A new cryptocurrency based on para mining.

Our goal: simplicity, convenience and safety.

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An example of premining, with a standard percentage of growth 0.45


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TOR Corporation — cryptocurrency of the new time

We are now working on the platform WAVES.
Clicking on link you just go on an auction for the coin TORCorp

Advantages coins TOR

over other coins on the market

Парамайнинг Tor Corporation


TOR uses a unique technology of premining providing a reward in the form of coins TOR depending on its amount in your wallet.

Premining works in the wallets with a balance greater than 1 TOR.

Моментальные переводы в Tor Corporation

Immediate translation

Coins TOR transferred to the beneficiary's account in 1 minute, regardless of the number of concurrent transactions on the network.

Each transfer can be encrypted with a comment that is visible only to the sender and the recipient.

Безопасность в Tor Corporation


For the safety of your funds in the wallets of TOR, the system of using one-time passwords via e-mail, or SMS 2FA.

TOR Corporation assumes all responsible for the safety of your funds connected with the protection of SMS and 2FA.

Биржа Tor Corporation

Private exchange

In personal account user built-in exchanger, where every owner of TOR will be able to buy or sell currency at interest market rate.

The Commission on buying and selling coins on the exchange will be only of 0.01% per transaction.

Рефералная система Tor Corporation

Referral program

To promote the cryptocurrency TOR will be developed 595-level referral program. At the moment, sold 10 referral levels.

Низкая комиссия в Tor Corporation

Low Commission

The Commission, with the sending and receiving of coins varies from 0.000001 to 0.01 coins TOR.

The Commission in the TOR network is the lowest, even when compared with other cryptocurrencies.

Полная интеграция в Tor Corporation

Full integration with VISA

Each purse TOR will be connected to Bank a VISA card that allows you to withdraw or Deposit cash in any Bank and make purchases in stores.

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its benefits and features.

Plan for the development of cryptocurrency, TOR (TORR)

RoadMap Tor Corporation

Referral bonuses

from paramignya in purses followers to 10 levels deep.


First level +3%

The second level +1%

The third level +0.10%

The fourth level +0.01%

The fifth and next +0.01%

The trading volume of top 10 cryptocurrencies


$6 045 569 079


$2 992 565 288


$4 465 433 050


/$72 459 525


/$147 462 937


/$257 950 990


/$368 588 202


/$538 374 298


/$721 986 900


/$843 853 141

Five steps and you are in TOR



Sign up in the dashboard — TOR



To protect and create the wallets to work.



To purchase coins to increase the speed of premining.



You are buying selling, exchange of all known cryptocurrencies.



Invite partners and earn extra income through the referral program.

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Tor Corporation

Estimated Selling Price TOR

Estimated Selling Price TOR

31,07,2020 0,00004 1TOR
01,08,2020 0,00006 1TOR
02,08,2020 0,00008 1TOR
03,08,2020 0,0001 1TOR
04,08,2020 0,00012 1TOR
05,08,2020 0,00014 1TOR
06,08,2020 0,00016 1TOR
07,08,2020 0,00018 1TOR
08,08,2020 0,0002 1TOR
09,08,2020 0,00022 1TOR
10,08,2020 0,00024 1TOR
11,08,2020 0,00026 1TOR
12,08,2020 0,00028 1TOR
13,08,2020 0,0003 1TOR
14,08,2020 0,00032 1TOR
15,08,2020 0,00034 1TOR

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Tor Corporation

✅The Bounty TOR program is closed

✅The Bounty TOR program is closed as unnecessary.
✅All big thanks for participating in the program

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Tor Corporation

Final Vote of TOR Corporation Founders

Everyone wants the price to rise, but with the current paramining, this is from about 50 million daily, there is price pressure both on the exchange and on the website.
Everyone who is with us from the very beginning, many have come out in plus even when the price falls and know that it is better to receive constantly than to rush in search of new earnings.

The suggestion is as follows:
Finish paramining prematurely, before the end of paramining.
What should be done:
1 We open the TOR Depository with an interest rate of 0.2% - 0.25% - 0.3% per day
2 Everyone who opens a TOR Deposit for any amount receives on their balance from the genesis wallet + 10% of the created Deposit to the Balance
3 With a full distribution of coins from genesis, we completely stop paramining and the income will go only from the Depository and the Dividend program also remains
4 If we come to such a decision, some of the coins that will go to the exchange will need to be redeemed by everyone who wants to redeem them cheaper in order to get good profit from them in the future.
5 Everyone, without exception, will need to advertise the TOR Corporation Depository in all possible ways

The result of the above, the daily load on the redemption of coins is removed, the maximum number of coins that can appear on the exchange daily decreases at least 5 times - a deficit of coins is created.
Ads that go from the whole community will create a Bigger Scarcity = Increase in price
The site will be freed from constant dumping of Large balances - Withdrawal from the site will work much faster due to the reduced load
Absolutely everyone who will participate in this action will receive huge profits.

Everything is in our power and we are all capable of these simple actions to reach the price of tens of dollars per TOR.

Telegram voting

Voice to mail

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Tor Corporation

✅ Paramining interest for July 2020

✅ Paramining interest for July 2020
1 - 99.99 TOR = 0.26% per day
100 - 999.99 TOR = 0.32% per day
1,000 - 9,999.99 TOR = 0.4% per day
10,000 - 99,999.99 TOR = 0.57% per day
100 000 - 999 999.99 TOR = 0.66% per day
1,000,000 - 10,000,000 TOR = 0.85% per day
10,000,000 - 100,000,000 TOR = 0.98% per day

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Tor Corporation

Вывод TOR открыт

✅✅✅ Dear founders !!!
🔵 The withdrawals of our Thor coin will be available today.
In connection with the current situation with Waves, since we did not receive a clear answer from the administration, we will not be responsible for the coins that are on the Waves exchange (but we will do everything possible so that our founders do not suffer), as the Waves management not predictable and does everything at its discretion, without justification of reasons.
We, in turn, did not violate any rules for cooperation with the Waves platform, and even more so with our founders, as the Waves administration states.
Yesterday, after we contacted Technical Support, we were given the answer that the reason for the status is “suspicious” due to the appeal of participants with complaints about the low cost of the TOP coins, we believe that this is absurd and not a reason to send the coin to spam.
Up to this point, the administration did not give us any answer, they are only engaged in deleting messages and blocking our members when asking questions about the reason for recognizing the “suspicious” coin.
In turn, we recommend that you do not conduct operations on the Waves exchange, but organize trading on the exchanges and
On our own behalf, we will try to speed up the deadlines for the implementation of our products for the independence of our coins and protect these from such "custom" situations.
Please do not succumb to the pressure from the Waves and do not listen to the cues in our direction.
The project is not going to close, as the figures on the side of Waves claim.

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Tor Corporation

Required Reading

🔴 Dear founders !!! I recommend that until you solve the problem with Waves, do not conduct any transactions both to the exchange and from it !!! We do not see the transaction and your coins may be lost. Waves technical support cannot answer us anything. Expect our comments. And please do not give in to panic !!! The withdrawal from the site of coins Tor is closed, for your safety !!!

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Tor Corporation

✅✅✅News 🔵2 Block

✳️ News block will be divided into 2 parts
🔵1 Block - Summarizing News 05/22/20 -
🔵2 Block - News with Technical Data (Full version) 05/29/20

🔵2 Block
🔵Board of Directors found solutions:
➡️To raise the course - Denomination + switch to Your own blockchain with Increased Rewards functionality.
➡️For those who push the price down by the strait method, there is also a solution on this issue - Without radical restrictions - After the Denomination and exchange of coins for New ones, those who shed can no longer pour because of the Lesser percentage due to the fact that they do not have Structures to increase interest.
➡️In addition to these two decisions, paramining will be increased for a very long time and the opportunity will open up the desire to accumulate coins for higher incomes - Paramining's life is increased due to a decrease in interest without structural users.
➡️ The release dates for TOR products are indicated on the Updated Roadmap.
➡️New White Paper with real TORR blockchain features.

✳️At the moment, the site has been optimized by 30% - work is underway to improve the reputation on the Internet, and a media plan is being drawn up for an advertising company on new sites.
✅TOR Nearest Product Statistics

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