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TOR Corporation was established on 31 October 2018 joint efforts of young and motivated financiers and crypto traders. The basis of the project "Simplicity, Accessibility and Reliability" that describes the essence of the TOR project Corporation. Buy bitcoin TOR, You can the website or on exchanges where there is a trading of the pair to the coin TORCorp.

О компании Tor Corporation

Compared to other cryptocurrencies, coin TOR has certain advantages:

  • For coins TOR uses a unique technology of paramining providing a reward in the form of coins TOR depending on its amount in your wallet.
  • Most crypto-currency projects, working on the technology of POW, which requires a lot of resources and cost huge amounts of electricity, coin TOR does not use expensive mining equipment, this TOR is a promising cryptocurrency.
  • Work coins TOR provided by eco-technology POS, that allows considerably to save resources on power supply and invest them in the development of the coin and charity, the environment and new projects.
  • Transactions can be encrypted with the review, available only to the comment author and the addressee of the transaction.
  • High speed send and receive coins TOR the average time to receive cryptocurrency takes up to one minute depends on the number of concurrent transactions.
  • To convert at the market rate will run its own exchange located right in the purse holders coin TOR, which is a global P2P system as a guarantor of the exchange of private exchange.
  • Thus we get a system with compound interest which is to increase the capitalization encourages the user to perform transactions by connecting the new holders wallets, thereby increasing the turnover of its structure and obtaining additional income from para mining a couple of people in the system.
  • According to conservative estimates the monthly growth of the number of coins the user has is at least 10%
  • System premining is the perfect tool to promote and promotion. The main advantage of premining is that no one user can't interfere with this mechanism and to forge new coins. If You haven't decided where to invest their money, the bitcoin TOR is the most profitable option for investment.


Cryptocurrency may have special properties supported by either the Issuer or public agreement, and have value independent of the nominal value of the underlying. Cryptocurrencies have proven that P2P electronic payment system can indeed work and fulfill payments processing without involvement of a third party. However, in order for all e-economy work, the system should be able to do the following:

  • To process transactions quickly, securely, efficiently and in large quantities.
  • To encourage people to participate in the security network.
  • To scale on a global level with minimal resources consumption.
  • To work on all sorts of devices (Adaptation).
  • At the time when the anonymity of payments and to be protected from hacking.

Coin TOR (TOR Pronunciation, trade name TORcorp, the full name of the corporation TOR) satisfies all these conditions. And also has additional benefits — it premining (passive income online), multi-currency and easy to use by binding user accounts to the payment system VISA.


TOR works on the basis of PROOF OF STAKE, built in JAVA open source. Unique algorithm TOR PROOF OF STAKE does not depend on any implementation of the concept of "coin age" that other PROOF OF STAKE cryptocurrencies, and is resistant to attacks NOTHING AT STAKE. The total number of available coins were distributed in the Genesis block. Cryptography Curve25519 is used to provide balance of security and the required processing power along with the more commonly used hash algorithms SHA256.

Tor Corporation

Coins are generated every 60 seconds, on average, accounts that are not blocked at the network nodes. TOR redistributed through the inclusion of transaction fees, which are awarded to your account when it successfully carried the required number of records transaction through its Master node. This process is known as Forging, and is akin to the concept of "mining" used by other cryptocurrencies.

Transactions are considered safe after 10 confirmations of the transaction, and the current TOR architecture allows for the processing 367 200 transactions a day. TOR includes the implementation of TRANSPARENT FORGING that will allow you to increase the performance of transaction processing by two orders of magnitude by using the generation algorithm is deterministic block, in combination with additional security mechanisms of the network.

Логотип Tor Corporation Coins

Initial issue of 10 million TOR and the final TOR number 10 billion. Coins were issued with the creation of the Genesis block (the first block in the block chain). Pre mining is being implemented in all countries of the world, at nominal cost, in limited quantities, to achieve the starting of the decentralization of TOR.

  • To scale on a global level with minimal resources consumption.
  • To work on all sorts of devices (Adaptation).


Premining, is one of the key benefits of TOR over other cryptocurrencies. In the underlying mechanism of this feature, the developers of TOR were added to the linear retrograde mechanism for determining awards for storage allocated to the economic attractiveness and the gradual replacement of ground TOR all available financial instruments in the world.

That is, in addition to the basic mechanism of forging, which does not increase the amount of funds in the system. In TOR there is an additional mechanism of premining that creates new coins, according to the standard metrics of mathematics development, financial system in the slice of the world economy. According to our calculations, only the format of the growth of the masses of the coins can provide a gradual and steady replacement of all currently existing economic instruments.

Example: With a purse 99 TOR and 100,000 at 595 levels structure is applied, the percentage growth of the number of coins 0,45% + 3% to 0.01% of premining on the wallets of the followers that allows you to generate personal wallet 0,4455 coins and the wallets of the followers of at least 0.045 coins and a maximum of 32.4 new coins.

Total in your account will be in addition to your coins at least + 0,4905 or how high 32,8455 new coins in 24 hours. Thus we get a system with compound interest which is to increase the capitalization encourages the user to perform transactions by connecting the new holders wallets, thereby increasing the turnover of its structure.

According to conservative estimates, the average monthly number of coins that user is at least 13.5%

System premining is the perfect tool to promote and promotion. The main advantage of premining is that no one user can't interfere with this mechanism and to forge new coins, all users can in real-time to track the number of issued system coins. Premining works on any wallet with a balance of over $ 1 TOR and automatically stops when the balance is equal to 10 billion TOR. Thanks to premining, You will be able to reach passive income, it can be as basic and secondary.

Also for the first time will be the establishment of a referral system links up to 595 levels, which will enable even not having their own funds to build a network for personal capitalization. Currently implemented in 10 levels.

The number of coins in a personal wallet

To start mining new coins TOR, only a single coin electronic wallet, which will automatically run premining. It is the process that without any cost of electricity to increase the number of coins in the wallet. Premining is a unique method of creating new coins all the users simultaneously, adjustable two parameters:


The increase in the number of coins per day

According to preliminary calculations, the completion of premining can occur after 5-10 years from the moment of generation of the first unit.

The principle of premining is based on the fundamental laws of physics from the Chapter "Visible light". Like the Universe model, the system is constantly expanding, picking up speed.

Referral bonuses of premining from the wallets of the followers up to 595 levels deep:

Level 1 +3% from premining wallet
Level 2 +1% from premining wallet
Level 3 +0.1% from premining wallet
Level 4 +0.01% from premining wallet
596 level +0.01% from premining wallet

Internal exchange

Internal exchange meets all the user requests at the moment, everyone including traders, casual users with a simple (but at the same time and the encrypted program codes) interface will be able to do certain transactions during the acquisition or divestiture of any kind of cryptocurrency while paying the minimum fee of 0.01% per transaction. This Commission included all the costs of maintaining the TOR network.

Tor Corporation

Bank card TOR

One of the most important and the main advantages of the TOR network. All transactions are supported by VISA give full guarantee from hacking Bank cards for profit. For TOR network is the advantage of binding cryptocurrency to the already existing types of payments. Also, this time with a credit card TOR makes it easier for the average user exchange cryptocurrency for Fiat currency, because at any moment you can use their personal offices to enter and withdraw money.

Together we will build the most reliable cryptocurrency, giving millions of people around the world easy and safe payment method.

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